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Review: FINLINCE! – ‘Better Off Alone’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: FINLINCE! – ‘Better Off Alone’

A multi-genre, rap prodigy from Redcar and Cleveland, England, FINLINCE! has been constantly connected to his local rap scene. At just eleven years of age, he began producing beats on Soundcloud, but frustrated by his lack of recognition, he decided to move to greener, more fertile pastures. Now fourteen, FINLINCE! has begun to earn some of the credit that he deserves, pushing dance and EDM mixes to a hungry Soundcloud crowd and gaining over five thousand plays.

Through hard work and determination, FINLINCE! grew his fanbase and his reach, moving back to his rap roots and experimenting more freely with different genres. Releasing his debut, official single on Soundcloud just eight months ago, FINLINCE! stepped fully into the spotlight with ‘Way Too Late’, going on to gain over 105,000 streams to date. It was the first major success for the talented young rapper, and the platform from which FINLINCE! could release his debut EP, ‘Better Off Alone’.

A six-track release that is currently streaming on all major platforms, ‘Better Off Alone’ opens onto the light flickering percussion of ‘Broken’, a minimalist track that links layered semi-spoken vocals with a subtle transient melody and stripped back beat. While not instantly impressive, ‘Broken’ is a slow-burning opener that hints at big things to come, and as the track builds and the EP progresses, you’d be hard pressed not to be intrigued by FINLINCE! mumble rap style.

Second track ‘Understand’ flows on with less immediacy than its predecessor, but far more atmospheric depth, creating a dark, sombre beat that is studded by drifting digital flourishes. It’s poignant, but somewhat directionless, with the vocals falling long before beats, leaving you at an odd end where you’re expecting a transition that just never comes. Third cut ‘Wavy’ breaks the proceedings with a brief, kaleidoscopic intermission, before we dive into ‘King’, the first of two collaborations with LIF3OFTHEPARTY. Setting the standard for the best and potentially worst tracks on the release, the collaborations are an interesting mix of styles and sounds, with each artist pushing the other into new creative spaces.

Ending on a high with ‘99’, the debut EP from FINLINCE! is an obvious, but underdeveloped showing of talent, which is probably to be expected when considering his age. At fourteen, most artists can barely form a beat and are lost in an arrogant haze where every lyric is solid gold, and while the bravado and confidence are definitely in place, ‘Better Off Alone’ proves that FINLINCE! has the talented needed to back it up.

The full EP is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and more.

Score: 7/10

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