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Review: Fred Ftheki – ‘Defeated’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Fred Ftheki – ‘Defeated’

There’s always something inherently intriguing about the unknown. It’s an inescapable draw and something that newcomer Fred Ftheki uses to perfection, drawing you into his dark aesthetic long before the ambient digital tones of his new single hit. Born in Milan and described only by the Greek letter, Delta, a fitting symbol for change, Fred has been able to construct a dark creative world that lingers somewhere between reality and fantasy.

A subtle and delicately built track, ‘Defeated’ arrives on rolling waves of digital tones, piquing your interest with a nuanced, cinematic sound that draws you in and holds you tightly. As it builds, the central melody builds around a gentle percussive beat, pushing the song forward and creating an unforgettable sense of dimension.

Lyrically, Fred holds firm to simply, but poignant verse, letting the words take flight through hushed controlled vocals that enhance the overall atmospherics of the piece. Backed by an equally impressive music video by FFFF, ‘Defeated’ is elevated from a hypnotic electronic single to a real force of creative wonder, joining animation, aesthetic and sound for an inescapable two-and-a-half-minute experience.

From the barest of sounds, Fred has been able to construct a truly emotive and enchanting release, one that gets under your skin and eclipses reality in all the best ways. You can stream ‘Defeated’ now on Spotify and all major platforms, and purchase your own digital copy from Fred’s official Bandcamp page below.

Score: 9/10

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