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Review: Function Space – ‘Origins’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Function Space – ‘Origins’

A contemporary music project from the Tempe, Arizona, Function Space is the digital moniker of Emilio Couchee, an up-and-coming musician with a penchant for catchy melodies and entrancing beats. Influenced by the likes of Foster The People, St. Lucia, The 1975, The War on Drugs, and Bad Suns, Function Space has managed to blend the sounds of his musical predecessors with his own unique style, arriving at a fresh, but wonderfully relatable debut record.

Titled ‘Origins’, his debut project was written, recorded, and produced while studying at Arizona State University, resulting in an eight track collection of original material. It’s a collection of ethereal, bedroom-pop sounds that pay homage to 80’s vibes and luminous synth-pop anthems, flowing with an easy wonder and leaving a soft lingering memory.

Led by tracks such as ‘Falling’ and ‘Reason, there is a melodic lightness to Function Space’s music that is contrasted by his droning vocals. ‘Origins’ draws immediate comparisons to Talking Heads and Television for their new wave spirit and forward-thinking sounds. It’s a favourable likeness, one that suits Function Space’s style and works to emphasise his more emotive tracks like ‘See It Thru’.

In the end, ‘Origins’ is one of those debut’s the promises big things to come. It’s not immediately impressive, but it’s consistently captivating, built on entrancing beats and lingering melodies that develop over time become unforgettable after several listens.

Score: 7/10

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