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Review: G.E. Holliday – ‘808 Vampire’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: G.E. Holliday – ‘808 Vampire’

An eclectic and wonderfully talented new artist, G.E. Holliday’s story begins, as most do, with a wave of trouble. After spending the better part of his teen years getting into trouble in the heart of the 1990's Atlanta, Holliday has finally emerged from the maelstrom as a refined and charismatic artist. Fighting for a better life, Holliday escaped crazy ex-girlfriends, crazed gangs, and a life pushing drugs by leaving for college and refocusing his restless energies.

Soon after arriving in college, Holliday caught the music bug, enrolling in as many music courses as he could, determined to make the most of his time. While graduation might have eluded him, the will to create never did, and Holliday returned to Atlanta where he interned at several major recording studios and labels. After years learning the trade, Holliday decided it was time to take matters into his own hands, pushing every penny he had into building his own recording studio, ‘Mag-Gre-Arts’, which he quickly put to use to record his long-awaited debut album.

An eleven-track epic that carves its own path through several distinct genres, ‘808 Vampire’ is a unique RnB release studded by elements of Gothic pop, archaic fantasy, and sensual soul. Opening with ‘The Piper’, the album creates a dizzying array of urban sounds that breath with a kaleidoscopic pop sound. Vibrant, bold, and unapologetically fresh, ‘The Piper’ sets the tone in unforgettable style.

Smooth, sultry and wonderfully paced, second cut ‘Heartbreakz’ continues Holliday’s hybrid sound with a passionate, lingering sound that sets the stage for things to come. Lead single ‘Vampire Wedding’ brings to light a post-rock ambiance that drifts across a sonic backdrop of layered beats and rolling, industrial sounds.

Fiercely original, ‘808 Vampire’ is the result of years experimentation, bringing to light sounds, styles, and arrangements that won't be found anywhere else. Bold and unapologetic, Holliday has gone all-in on his debut album, making his mark like few artists know how.

You can find cuts from ‘808 Vampire’ on iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube, along with the full album on CD Baby and Amazon Music.

Score: 7.5/10

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