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Review: Glocck Vee – ‘IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Glocck Vee – ‘IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS’

An American rap artist who has taken on the moniker of Glocck Vee, David Greathouse has been busily making his mark on the Albuquerque, NM music scene for years now. A rapper who has faced his fair share of adversity in his youth, Glocck uses his childhood experiences to shape his sound, evoking an authenticity that is lost in a lot of modern rap.

Building his music on hard hitting and deeply real central themes, Glocck is able to evoke the esoteric and metaphysical, using his lyrics to propagate the somewhat clichéd, but undoubtedly real ‘gangsta’ lifestyle. Musically, his sound is heavily influenced by trap music, and his latest single ‘IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS’, continues to see the young artist blend modern sounds with traditional energy.

Featuring the talents of Mike Beezy Bad Azz, a recording artist and engineer who has added his weight to the track, single ‘IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS’ is all about raw, rough energy and simple, visceral beats. Arriving as a stream of conscious, self-reflective lyrics, ‘IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS’ is more often more about the message than the sound.

While not instantly impressive, the unrelenting energy and undeniably passion that Glocck has loaded into the track make it definitely impressive. It’s not a track that reinvent the genre or pushes boundaries, but it is a song that presents Glocck with an honesty that makes the track.

Score: 7/10

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