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Review: God Zoo – ‘90210’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: God Zoo – ‘90210’

Hailing from the creative heart of Los Angeles, God Zoo are a modern-day post-punk outfit built from veterans of several popular outfits. Bringing their sound to the fore, the band released their debut album ‘City of Lights’ to raucous acclaim, paying homage to the past while cutting a bold innovative path. Delivering an impressively modern sound, God Zoo have become synonymous with a delectable fusion of electro, post-punk, Britpop and disco, creating a maelstrom of creative sounds that flow with confidence and unyielding vibrancy.

After proving their talents with the soaring highs of ‘Shoot It Down’ and the electro-rock underdog anthem ‘Sufferers’, the band have recently broadened their horizons and pushed things a step further with a lavish new single. Titled ‘90210’, their new single is a fun pop-punk anthem that plays tribute to the classic 90’s TV show that made the zip code so famous.

Built on a classic punk spirit and the animalistic calls of ‘1, 2, 3’, ‘90210’ has a distinct punk sneer, pulling the vocals straight from the golden age of the genre. Backed by frantic guitar and a constant, thunderous drum beat, the song rattles and rolls with a rough, evocative energy. It’s hard-hitting, bristling stuff, with God Zoo pushing their sound hard and fast into your consciousness without a care or apology.

A song of old school passion and new school construction, God Zoo have taken a classic, timeless sound and brought it kicking and screaming into a new era, ensuring that punk carries forward for a brand new generation. Available to stream on Spotify now, it’s an anthem for the modern day that sparks with a brilliant unrelenting spirit.

Score: 7/10

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