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Review: Graham Tompson – ‘Never Give Up’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Graham Tompson – ‘Never Give Up’

A singer-songwriter who has been playing music since the young age of twelve, Graham Tompson’s career until now has been one of constant progression. Inspired by his father, who for many years played piano in various dance bands, Graham’s first foray into music came when he formed a band with his twin brother. A lowkey family affair, Graham took on the role of drummer while his brother played guitar, and together they refined their talents and cut their teeth at festivals and pubs, exploring new genres and getting lost in the music.

Eventually the two brothers parted ways after a long and mildly successful career, but it was clear that Graham wasn’t ready to give up. After teaching himself to play the guitar, he spent years writing his own songs, and eventually he had a collection of over one hundred original compositions. With so many experiences in life, it was not hard to find material to write about, and Graham found himself in a musical renaissance, releasing albums, EP’s and singles as quickly as they came to him.

Now seventy, Graham has just released his latest EP, ‘Never Give Up’, a five-track collection of songs focused on loves, those both won and lost. Coming into view with a distinct country feel and an honest sound that takes you by surprise. Graham’s voice is instantly impressive from the opening lines of ‘Follow You’, and while acoustic guitar flows in the background, the charm and character in Graham’s voice carries the song forward with soaring, evocative choruses that rise triumphantly from the backing melodies.

Second track ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Brain’ follows a very similar sound, offering more of the country-pop aesthetic that ‘Follow You’ brought in focus, while ‘Yana’ strips back the instrumental backing in father of a more fragile and evocative vocal performance. Penultimate cut ‘Over and Over’ toys with more modern, almost electronic flickers, falling in a midway space between ambient folk and sultry rustic charm, before everything comes to a close with ‘Come On Home’, Graham’s most authentic and impressive song on the EP.

A passionate release that really does catch you buy surprise, ‘Never Give Up’ is a short but powerful introduction to Graham’s talents. His vocals are the clear focal point, and they carry the album with a natural power that you just can’t overlook, while the acoustic led instrumentals back his vocals with charm and a timeless country appeal.

‘Never Give Up’ is available now from CD Baby, or you can stream it via Spotify above.

Score: 7.5/10

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