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Review: Grave Robbert – ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Grave Robbert – ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’

Starting life as a solo project back in 2010, Grave Robbert built their sound on a love of Alice Cooper, King Diamond, Wednesday 13, and Dissection. A band with a penchant for heavy, hard rock sounds and ‘shock rock’ antics, they’ve been taking their homeland of Sweden by storm ever since. With their debut album fittingly set for release on Halloween this year, we thought it was high time that we put some of their work to the test.

Now a fully functioning and evolved band, Grave Robbert have pushing the boundaries of their sound and paving the way for their heavy rock legacy with the release of ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’, a massive new single featuring the very talented Eloise Kerry. An intense, dynamic, and visceral track, the band’s new single is a brutal rallying cry for the band, leaving you with very little doubt as to what the band are all about.

A scathing sonic experience built on a volley of brash guitars and relentless drums, it’s impossible to not be caught off guard by the onslaught of sound that arrives as the track begins. Backed by a series of punishing blows that rise from the aggressive vocals of the lead singer, the single is venomous, brutal, and impossible to stand against. A delicate balance between ferocious musical rage and a more controlled, melodic anger, the single hinges on the impact of guest-vocalist Eloise Kerry whose appearance is a massive impact on the piece, transforming the dynamics of the song instantly.

A dense and expansive cacophony of hard rock sounds, ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’ is without a doubt one of the most ruthless new singles you’ll hear this year. It’s solidly built and constantly rattling against the chains of its genre, pushing for freedom and not stopping until its fought tooth and nail to carve its own path in music. One for the ages, but not for the feint of heart, ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’ is the break that Grave Robbert so badly deserve.

Score: 8/10

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