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Review: Guy Freedom English – ‘American Made’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Guy Freedom English – ‘American Made’

Originally hailing from Detroit, Guy Freedom English is a talented artist who has spent years refining his talents as a musician in a number of different bands. A guitarist at heart, but a realist above all, Guy moved to South Dakota to pursue a career in factory automation, putting his musical yearnings on hold while he focused on his family. After receiving an amplifier for Father’s Day, Guy found the time to focus on his guitar again, writing and recording four original tracks in his basement while accompanied by some bass and drum equipment.

It was a brilliant turning point for Guy, and ever since then he’s never looked back. His third full-length album to date, ‘American Made’ is potentially one of his most accomplished, taking a look back at the older rock and heavy metal sounds that Guy grew up on. Armed with a will to make songs that have a modern energy and familiar, almost nostalgic feel, ‘American Made’ brings together eight original cuts of rough and ready rock that’s built to impress.

Opening with the dramatic shattering of glass and a raucous guitar riff that instantly demands your attention, ‘American Made’ veers into view with a rough-cut, heard rock energy that is simply undeniable. A forceful blast of brash guitars, high-tempo drums, and choruses that soar above it all at breakneck speeds, the album brings to life an old class of rock that you’d be mistaken for thinking was dead and gone. A healthy dose of punk spiked with country charm and raw, unwavering rock aggression, everything about the album is visceral, loud, and unashamedly wild.

Listening to opening track ‘Scream’ is enough to give you a full picture of what ‘American Made’ has in store, you would be missing out on so much if you left the moment so soon. Following cuts like the title track, ‘Cyberspace’, and ‘Broken Wings’ are all standout moments, offering up heavy cuts of rock aesthetic and constant howling vocals from Guy himself. Unique, to put it nicely, Guy’s vocals bring a certain character to his sound, soaring about the instrumentals with an undeniable passion.

Available now on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Deezer, ‘American Made’ is an impressive introduction to a refreshingly vintage talent, and his power, passion, and promise make it an essential listen for any classic rock fan.

Score: 7/10

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