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Review: Hambone Relay – ‘Say Hi to Earl’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Hambone Relay – ‘Say Hi to Earl’

A band who have solidified themselves as one of the grooviest groups on the East Coast, Hambone Relay have spent the last seven years creating a unique fusion of blues, jazz, funk and classic rock ‘n’ roll. Since forming in 2012, the band has played between 75-100 shows a year touring up and down the East Coast and sharing the stage with great bands such as Melvin Seals and JGB, Zak Deputy, Cris Jacobs Band, Swift Technique and The James Hunter 6.

​After the release of several acclaimed albums and a few brief hiatuses, the band finally put the finishing touches on their third record, ‘Say Hi to Earl’. An album a year in the making, ‘Say Hi to Earl’ brings together nine new tracks that showcase friends and musicians from Baltimore, along with a new, bluesy edge.

Beginning with immediate funk grooves and the kind of authentic energy that only comes from a passionate jam session, ‘Say Hi to Earl’ burst into life with ‘Dustbowl Circus’, a vibrant instrumental that sets the tone for the album in brilliant fashion. It’s a passionate and seamless blend of jazz, funk, and blues that is carried through into every track, building an album that vibrant, fun, and full of life.

‘New Soul Tune II’ builds itself upon layers of guitar and light piano keys, bringing about a more classic sound to the contemporary band, while ‘Here Comes the Fuzz’ is all about the heavy rolling bassline. Elsewhere, ‘Sit on It’ has a completely undeniable groove right from the start, while album closer ‘Lets Go Get Stoned’ brings in the emotive, blues vocals of ‘Jordan August’, ending the album with a perfect slice of heartfelt American soul.

With the release of ‘Say Hi to Earl’, Hambone Relay intend to tour non-stop, bringing the album to festivals and venues up and down the East Coast, and if you have any sense, you’ll make sure to see the guys play. The new record is a massive new stage in Hambone Relay’s career, and as good as the songs sound through our speakers, we can imagine them sounding absolutely immense live.

Score: 8/10

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