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Review: Heidscrape – ‘Darkbeat’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Heidscrape – ‘Darkbeat’

Brother in arms, Nelson McKinnon and Frank Carty have known each other for over twenty years, traversing a maelstrom of musical soundscapes together in seventeen different bands. A fusion of McKinnons’ electribe groovebox and drums machines with Carty’s guitar and double bass, their latest project is the ‘electrock’ sensation, Heidscrape.

After meeting in Glasgow and refining their sounds together, the two friends formed Heidscrape with the sole purpose of bringing to life the music they could clearly hear in their minds. Taking their name from one of McKinnon’s particularly abrasive custom synthesisers, they’ve set about making music that is dirty, unyielding, and true to their single vision. Always unpredictable, Heidscrape have begun to make a name for themselves by incorporating a lot of improvisation into their live show.

Their latest anthem, ‘Darkbeat’ is a song that fully incorporates this improvisation and raw energy into it’s very core. A four-and-a-half minute track that slowly builds into its very own digital world, ‘Darkbeat’ is a song of slow burning impacts. While not instantly impressive, the tribal beats and bass notes creep into an almost hypnotic vibe, driving relentlessly until around the one-minute-twenty mark where the track really picks up.

An evolving wave of guitar, bass, loop pedal, synths and beats, ‘Darkbeat’ transforms from a sci-fi infused drone to a futuristic battle cry, bringing the listener in and eclipsing reality with dark overtones and a cultivated digital atmosphere. It’s a surprisingly impressive piece of composition and sound, one that grows beyond any known limits and really captures what Heidscrape is all about.

Score: 7.5/10

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