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Review: Horsey SUN GOD – ‘7letter4ever2 Grateful’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Horsey SUN GOD – ‘7letter4ever2 Grateful’

An intriguing and initially bewildering new artist, Horsey SUN GOD is anything but ordinary. With a love of ‘reality music’ and penchant for blending hip-hop, jazz, RnB, blues, and spoken word, his music is forged from the dance hall sound and built on the street of Decatur, GA. Inspired by Crime Boss’ ‘All in the Game’, Horsey has pushed his sound and style to the furthest reaches of the conventional, looking to make his mark with hard raps that steer clear of cursing.

A more relaxed view of his progress, his new album is a change in the ordinary, bringing together twenty-five original cuts into the eclectic and oddly named ‘7letter4ever2 Grateful’. An expansive mix, the new album tracks an almost conversational tone, tying the music with Horsey’s own creative whims and cinematic influences.

Setting a steady pace of calculated beats and atmospheric, almost choir-like refrains, the album opens with the aptly titled ‘Open Doors’, an impressive, straight-forward showing of Horsey’s talents. Resounding with a classic rap vibe and bringing to light the spirit of his Brooklyn upbringing, the first few tracks on ‘7letter4ever2 Grateful’ push a technically sound and confident style, bringing Horsey’s past experiences into the light and cutting an authentic trail for the rest of us to follow. It’s steady, safe travelling with intermittent flourishes of creative brilliance, for the most part, offering up slices of smoky jazz in ‘9 Years Old’ and lingering, linger, twisted melodies in ‘Up Up&away’, and some dark spoken-word wisdom on ‘Rise 2 Morning’.

Elsewhere in the mix, ‘Arrows&bullets’ brings a collaborative strength, leaning on an impressive roster of featured artists to produce one of the strongest tracks on the release, while ‘Fall of 92’ rallies around a sense of nostalgic soul and ‘Brooklyn in Decatur’ brings personal experiences and emotive verse together in a deeply moving piece.

An unfolding patchwork of sounds, styles, and experiences, there are too many impressive moments to go through. It’s an album best experienced by diving headfirst into it, taking that leap and letting the expansive list of tracks and features do all the talking. Sure, there are moments where the originality fades or the looped beats and instrumentals are a little too obvious, drawing your focus to the staggered nature of some tracks, but they’re easily forgivable sins, especially when you’re dealing with one of the most over-saturated genres in music.

All in all, you have to be impressed by both the quality and quantity of the tracks involved in ‘7letter4ever2 Grateful’, making it one of the most comprehensive and essential introductions to a rap artist that we’ve heard in recent year.

You can stream ‘7letter4ever2 Grateful’ in full now on Spotify above, or on Tidal here.

Score: 8.5/10

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