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Review: Horsey SUN GOD – ‘Tijuana’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Horsey SUN GOD – ‘Tijuana’

A Brooklyn born innovator who has been challenging the natural order of rap in recent years, Horsey SUN GOD first caught our attention with the release of his eclectic debut album ‘7letter4ever2 Grateful’. A titanic release that ushered in twenty-five unique and versatile cuts, ‘7letter4ever2 Grateful’ was the world’s first experience with Horsey’s own brand of ‘reality spoken world’ and ‘drunk in the shower’ RnB. Now, Horsey has taken his original sound and anti-mumble rap ethos a step further, landing another fourteen-track collection that is set to tip the balance in his favour.

Titled ‘Tijuana’, the new album is Horsey’s own intricate vision, pushing a story of dangerous living and heavy authentic moments. Breaking ground with opening cut ‘Northern Star’, the album brings hard-hitting lyrics and visceral, unapologetic vocals to the fore, outlining Horsey’s call to arms in true and unadulterated style. Second track ‘Heavy Weight’ fires with a more RnB style, offering slick, rhythmic tones that glisten beneath a wash of autotune, while ‘Ten Down’ emerges from a faded string of cries to become a true slice of contemporary hip-hop.

Elsewhere on the album, ‘Cross Da Line’ offers more intricate and ethereal instrumental appeal, ‘7th Wonder’ and ‘Westwalker’ bring twisted fun and nostalgic soul-infused sounds, while ‘God Speech’ brings the Horsey eclecticism back in droves, breaking with a wave of jagged reggae sounds that linger long after they fade to silence. Aggression takes over in the hard-hitting and uncompromising ‘Sharpen Steel’, before it all slides back into old school anthemics and street mentality for closing numbers ‘2 Dollar Bill’ and ‘Bacizks’.

Wonderfully original and fiercely independent, Horsey has once again rallied around a series of guest artists to create an outstanding rap release. There’s a fine balance at play in ‘Tijuana’, and Horsey has managed to put himself at the very forefront of the underground rap world by both accepting the mainstream and holding firm to his own unique identity.

Score: 8/10

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