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Review: Hound Dog Swagger – ‘Rats Eyes’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Hound Dog Swagger – ‘Rats Eyes’

Another of Australia’s home-grown, authentic talents, Hound Dog Swagger first cut his teeth in music at the young age of thirteen, grabbing a trombone and adding his sound to the Toowoomba Municipal Band. It was an initial spark that soon became a blaze, and after switching to guitar he joined with local band, Jack Stack, and took on the local music scene.

After leaving Toowoomba, the Hound Dog Swagger persona really took flight. Adapting his style to that of a solo artist, Hound Dog Swagger has spent the last few years refining his sound and bringing his songs to life. This year saw the release of his debut, self-titled EP, a three track release that is currently available on most music platforms.

The lead track from the new EP, ‘Rats Eyes’ is a powerful anti-bullying song that perfectly showcases his funk-infused sound. Built from layers of textured guitar, an old fashioned stomp box, and his own raw vocals, it’s easy to get lost in the heavy blues sounds of ‘Rats Eyes’. It’s straightforward, authentic songwriting that is free from the tampering of modern production, leaving nothing but Hound Dog Swagger’s vision and the influences of Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker and more.

Holding strong to Blues’ core principals, the track is one of soul and honesty, and that’s often the main draw. ‘Rats Eyes’ is a track that announces Hound Dog Swagger with unapologetic purpose, building emotion through waves of textured instrumentals and resonant lyrics. It’s a strong showing, and a good introduction the eponymous EP that deserves to be heard.

You can stream ‘Rats Eyes’ above via Spotify, or head on over to CD Baby or iTunes to download your very own copy of the full release.

Score: 7.5/10

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