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Review: Howard Herrick – ‘Howard Herrick’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Howard Herrick – ‘Howard Herrick’

A musician whose influences and musical compositions span numerous genres, Howard Herrick’s career has been built on his work with Minster Hill, motion pictures, and various theatre productions. Well established and rightly revered, Herrick’s work has set him apart from most modern composers for its breadth and diversity, and over the years he has proved himself to be a master of every genre he’s turned his hand too.

His debut solo album, Herrick’s eponymous record arrives as a chameleon-like fusion of dance, soul, blues, and heartfelt folk. It’s an album that sees Herrick’s background in soundtracks coming to the fore, bringing a deep sense of texture and richness to each of the albums songs, along with a surprisingly lightness of sound that comes from his time within the music industry.

Album opener ‘Hold My Hand’ is a stunning introduction to the album, offering a genuine, wonderfully vivid sound that brings Herrick’s life clearly in the frame. It’s a perfect example of the genre-blending style that Herrick manages to build in every song, as well as his ability to craft songs that are emotionally rich as well as undeniably entertaining.

Elsewhere on the album, Herrick delivers more blissful sounds and lavish fusions of dance and pop, but he anchors them with the emergence of more vocal-driven compositions on ‘Show Me That One Again’, emotional ballads on ‘Is Love Enough’, and the intimate, guitar epic of ‘If I Fall Off That Next Step’.

It’s a mixed bag of sounds and styles, but Herrick’s ability to plan and present an overarching sound makes everything fit so cohesively, and his way of balancing sounds brings such a magical quality to the release. It’s hard to imagine that the record is the debut solo work for a musician, because it holds within it an immutable sense of experience and passion. A rewarding listen, ‘Howard Herrick’ is the culmination of years of exploration, creation, and devotion, and it couldn’t be more involving.

‘Howard Herrick’ is available now on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Soundcloud, and every other major platform.

Score: 8.5/10

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