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Review: Hundred Round Kado – ‘Instigator Freestyle’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Hundred Round Kado – ‘Instigator Freestyle’

A rapper and hip-hop artist based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Hundred Round Kado has been on a mission to make his name in the music world. Quickly becoming one of the most Influential, controversial, and versatile artists to emerging from The New England music scene, his work paints pictures lyrically, captivating his audience from the very first beat with a brilliantly unique sound.

Since 2009, Kado has released a powerful series of releases including the acclaimed dual volumes, ‘King of the Triple Beam, Volume 1’ and ‘King of the Triple Beam, Volume 2’ under the artist name Ricky Gramz. Now rebranded with the Hundred Round moniker, Kado is celebrating his Haitian roots and deep connection with his audience. Channelling his life experiences and pain into every track, Kado’s songs are driven by emotion, with the rapper infusing his power and passion into the aggressive, melodic sound that’s become synonymous with his name.

His latest release, ‘Instigator Freestyle’ is another bold step forward for Kado, pushing his sound and earning him an exclusive feature on The Daily Loud. Taken from his upcoming project ‘White Kargo’, ‘Instigator Freestyle’ is a visceral example of his style, bringing his erratic, confident flow to the fore while unrelenting beats spiral in the background. Passionate and defiantly true to his experiences, the single is a fast-paced, shake-up for modern rap, doing away with useless thrills and presenting the listener with nothing but real sounds.

Unpolished and with a dynamic raw energy that can’t be silenced, ‘Instigator Freestyle’ is possibly one of the most real and unyielding rap tracks that you’ll hear this year, making it an anthem that simply deserves to be heard. Check it out above.

Score: 7.5/10

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