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Review: Ice Rain – ‘Put It On Yo’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Ice Rain – ‘Put It On Yo’

Born and raised in St. Lucia before moving to the US Virgin Islands a few years back, Amos Randolph, A.K.A. Ice Rain is busy carving out a path in the music world. A lover of music and art, his current presence is scattered between Youtube videos and Google+ posts, most of which comes under the mysterious 12th House Entertainment banner.

According to their website, ”12th House Entertainment is dedicated to providing world-class content for all mainstream markets, producing the highest quality media in an economical fashion, pleasing patrons and investors alike”, but sadly if Ice Rain’s latest cut is anything to go by, they’re not really up to the task.

Titled ‘Put It On Yo’, the new cut deserves better than the hazy wash that 12th House Entertainment seem to have paved over Ice Rain’s track. The song itself has potential, arriving as a nuanced torrent of the usual hip-hop beats contrasted with light melodies and vocals that flow between rap verse and auto-tuned choruses, but it’s the quality of sound that lets it all down. Unbalanced and awash with a mumbled haze, the quality of the audio is the biggest detracting factor of everything that’s at play.

Look past the fixable mire of noise, and Ice Rain’s song is a solid, legitimate track that works to offer a fresh take on an already over-saturated genre, and for that he should be proud. There’s clearly potential, and Ice Rain seems to have the talent to back his potential up, he just needs to find a better label to work with.

Score: 6/10

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