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Review: idoLies – ‘Get Out!’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: idoLies – ‘Get Out!’

The latest music project to stream from the creative mind of David Chapman, idoLies is a UK based EDM project that aims to blend the dance club scene of old with vibrant arrays of house, electronica, and heavy EDM influences. Having originally made heavier, more industrial music in the same vein as Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 and Depeche Mode, the more dance inspired sounds of idoLies mark a brave departure from Chapman’s comfort zone.

The debut single from the new project, ‘Get Out!’ was originally released in March of this year, carving its own path on Spotify and introducing idoLies to the world. Released in a now fairly retro package of a main single and two accompanying remixes, ‘Get Out!’ has an instant feel of acts like The Presets or Pnau, bringing to life a cacophony of digital sounds, calculated beats, and evolving percussive electronics. A kaleidoscope of vocals and transient beats, ‘Get Out!’ is all about rapid, changing energy and dense, almost aggressive techno sounds.

Musically, it’s an instant club anthem, bringing all the tried and true elements of a contemporary dance track hard and fast. Erratic and powerful, you can easily imagine ‘Get Out!’ being the soundtrack to a massive night out, with the whole cut purpose built to elicit drunken cheers, bad dance moves, and feelings of euphoria. The remixes that follow bring much of the same notions, shining a light of different element of the track, particularly in the final cut which brings a far darker, industrial feel to the mix.

As a single, ‘Get Out!’ is your classic club song, burning brightly and creating a blinding incandescent energy while it’s playing, and the instantly fading from view or memory the moment it’s runtime ends. Ultimately, it’s an impressive but fleeting debut anthem, but one that announces idoLies with purpose and an indisputable sense of potential.

‘Get Out!’ is available now on most major platforms, along with IdoLies’ new singles, ‘Relax Your Soul’, and ‘Project A’.

Score: 7/10

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