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Review: Infamouss Lil Set – ‘Blazin’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Infamouss Lil Set – ‘Blazin’

After humbly declaring himself “the hottest rapper alive” and oxymoronically, “The most known unknown”, Infamous Lil Set has been pushing to make his words more than just showboating and bravado. Inspired by a long list of rap royalty, including the present and past greats like 2Pac, Three 6 Mafia, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Sauce Walka, Lil Uzi Vert, and Famous Dex, to name just a few, his sound is a frenzied combination of classic hip-hop, modern production, and authentic street sounds.

Enamoured with the outer world listening experience, his sound is an authentic taste of the Indiana rap scene, bringing to light a maelstrom of tracks that have coloured his Soundcloud profile. One such cut is ‘Blazin’, an anthemic single that Infamouss Lil Set released just three short months ago. With over fourteen-thousand streams already, the track has become one of his hallmark anthems.

Opening with a layered mix soft piano keys and stuttering digital tones, ‘Blazin’ creates a pristine early melody. Studded with a steadying, flourishing drum beat, the single has a sense of immediacy about it that goes against its gentle nature, creating a real sense of heavy-set tension. The digital wizardry continues as Infamouss’ vocals kick in, fading in and out of view, cloaked in reverb and wandering between that near-industrial beat. When the vocals finally drop, they do so like a force of nature, flowing with their own unique delivery and carrying a rough, gritty sound that shines with authenticity.

As Infamouss builds momentum, his vocals form a deliberate aural assault, crashing down upon waves of hi-hat crashes and a subtle, swirling melody that ties it all together. At its height, the track fires on all cylinders, creating its own frenetic sound that blows away the majority of the hip-hop songs that are currently charting around the US. Only briefly pausing for breath, ‘Blazin’ only lets up on a few occasions, offering up a series of reverb-soaked refrains that serve let you breathe just long enough for the song to hit you hard with another powerful verse.

For three-minutes Infamouss runs rampant on the airwaves, carving his path through hip-hop with a heavy sound and no shortage of confidence. As it plays, ‘Blazin’ sets fire to space around it, picking up steam and rolling on like a defiant musical juggernaut. There’s little variation along its length, with exception of the breakdowns, but the frantic melodies and Infamouss own flow have a way of forcing you not to care, sucking you in and entrancing you with a dynamic medley of sounds.

While his claims of being the hottest rapper alive might at first seem like the usual cliched rap boasting, listening to ‘Blazin’ makes you think twice. It’s authentic, timeless hip-hop that’s well produced and screaming to be heard, pushing Infamouss to the very forefront of the underground hip-hop scene.

You can stream ‘Blazin’ on Soundcloud now along with a host of other visceral rap cuts.

Score: 8.5/10

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