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Review: Intelligent Diva – ‘Boyshorts’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Intelligent Diva – ‘Boyshorts’

Growing up in a church choir and high school choruses, Intelligent Diva found her passion in music, bringing colour to her Florida upbringing. After starting to write songs throughout high school, Intelligent Diva’s passion grew, taking on gigs as a background singer and constantly pushing for more. After a divorce and raising her daughter as a single mother, Intelligent Diva finally found the time to focus on her music career, taking the dive and pursuing her dreams.

An intriguing new release that will surely set the tone for things to come, ‘Boyshorts’ is our first real introduction to the various talents that Intelligent Diva is able to tap into. Holding firm to a confident, modern production, the new single arrives on a wave of powerful beats, laying the foundation for the textured soundscape that is to come. A simple, but effective mechanism, the beats dig into a neo-soul grove and an enchanting sense of ambience that is bolstered by golden strands of glistening synths and danceable moments.

Lyrically and vocally, Intelligent Diva draws on more RnB and funk influences, building an immersive and unexpectantly intricate arrangement. A structurally sound and genre-bending piece, it’s hard not to find some level of joy in ‘Boyshorts’, whether it be for Intelligent Diva’s vocals, her timeless sense of style, or just the sheer pop satisfaction of the track.

While already a hit among her contingency of loyal fans, ‘Boyshorts’ is fresh in the hearts and minds of critics, and so far, it’s enjoyed nothing by deserved acclaimed. It’s the sort of intricate anthem that can make a local star a global phenomenon, especially if it can be backed up, and while the commercial value of the track is still to be seen, its artistic value is obvious.

You can stream ‘Boyshorts’ above via Spotify, and be sure to follow Intelligent Diva on her social media pages below for all the latest news and releases.

Score: 7.5/10

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