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Review: itsokaylove – ‘Synthetic High’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: itsokaylove – ‘Synthetic High’

Part of the Morning Café Co. entertainment hub, itsokaylove is a promising new artist with a wealth of talent at his disposal. Traversing the limitless dance and electronic scenes, the young producer’s work has become synonymous with subtle ambient beats and evolving, shifting soundscape, offering a unique approach to a usually saturated genre.

One of his most accomplished releases so far, ‘Synthetic High’ is an expansive new track featuring the sublime talents of Holly Drummond, blending their skills and sounds into a hybrid sound of subtle dance anthemics. Opening with textured series of ticking tones, static overlays, and cascading synths, ‘Synthetic High’ creates an intriguing first impression, one of controlled, organic sounds and intricate, almost-narrative style sounds. With the breaking sound bite of “Username Accepted”, the song takes a vibrant turn, bringing into focus digital flourishes, industrial claps, and Holly’s calling, evocative vocals.

Contrasting Holly’s smooth, flowing tones with a maelstrom of erratic, yet calculated sounds, ‘Synthetic High’ breaks ground on a number of fronts, bringing together two distinct harmonies in a tentative balance between pop, electronica, and glorious ambience. Tying together transient dramatics with a steady, cool vibe, there is are lavish, compact sounds at play, offering a unique glimpse into the creative mind of the enigmatic artist.

It's easy to see why Morning Café Co and Diversify Records have put their faith in itsokaylove. It’s an entrancing, evolving track that offers enough linear sounds to keep you engaged, along with enough spontaneous flourishes to surprise and delight. Holly’s vocals are textured, emotive, and wonderfully placed, bringing a human touch to the digital soundscape and adding an impressive depth to the single.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Synthetic High’ is essential new listening.

Score: 7.5/10

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