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Review: J.F.T. – ‘Lab Junk’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: J.F.T. – ‘Lab Junk’

An award-winning author, composer, and poet who has become a regular fixture on our Spotify playlists, J.F.T. has become a multi-media sensation in recent years, combining his music and books to create fantastic and wonderfully expansive worlds. After already impressing with releases like ‘Somewhere Enchanted’ and ‘Everything You Hoped For’, he’s now setting up to release a very special pair of release across April and May, beginning with the new four-track EP, ‘Lab Junk’.

An experimental and wonderfully lo-fi release, ‘Lab Junk’ was inspired by J.F.T.’s recent explorations on Spotify, bringing rap and hip-hop into his growing musical arsenal. Borrowing melodies and tinkering with styles, J.F.T. began rapping and singing over the tracks, twisting them into his own creation that he eventually decided to record and release.

Set for release on April 10th this year, ‘Lab Junk’ is a landmark release for J.F.T., arriving as not only his most experimental release so far but also the first release in which we hear him sing. A wonderfully organic mix, the EP opens with layered, progressive beats of ‘Sterile Drip’, an intoxicating instrumental piece that shines with a dynamic jungle edge. Second cut ‘Stunned Priest’ carves a far more atmospheric path, offering more nuanced and cinematic flourishes that breathe with a steady, rising tension. It’s a controlled and wonderfully orchestrated release, bringing together hip-hop and electronica to create a spacious and enthralling new sound.

Third cut, ‘Nature’s Virus’ flickers with visceral waves of static and a high-stepping, percussive beat, seamlessly combining an unwavering acoustic ambience with a stunning harmony that ebbs and flows throughout the mix. It’s a highlight of the release, and easy one of J.F.T.’s most entrancing releases to date. As the fourth and final track emerges, it’s finally time to hear from the man himself.

Aptly titled ‘Sing My Way Home’, the EP’s final release is a dark spiral of electronic tones and obscured digital sounds, pushing through the ambience with a disarming, old school flavour. Disguised by a heavy digital wash and carefully placed over an intricate string of downtempo beats, it’s a calculated and brooding closing anthem that perfectly encapsulates the experimental spirit that the EP was founded on.

A release well-worth listening to, ‘Lab Junk’ will be released at 5:00 pm on the 10th of April this year, but you can pre-order and pre-save the release today on Spotify and iTunes by clicking here.

Score: 8.5/10

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