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Review: J. Jamal – ‘I Like Me’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: J. Jamal – ‘I Like Me’

An artist who has tirelessly pushing to make a difference, J. Jamal is driven by faith and a determination to make change. Originally from Harbor City, CA, Jamal realised from a young age that anyone with a vision and a microphone could become a powerful catalyst for change. With a loyal following behind him, Jamal has generated some real power, and with the release of his debut EP, ‘I Like Me’, he’s ensuring that he uses that power wisely and for the betterment of all those around him.

Cultivated by the California sunshine, his desire is to present a largely genre-less sound, one that takes the most expressive and relatable parts of every genre and blends it into a seamless, perfect sound. The result, is the unique mix of his own personal style, along with his constant gospel and soul influences, and a healthy dose of pop styling that we hear on his debut release.

Three tracks in total, ‘I Like Me’ is a deft example of his creative yearnings. It’s an EP that shows his first steps to becoming a professional musician, and while it’s not perfect, it’s message is all but undeniable. The title tracks brings positivity and an unexpected rock edge to Jamal rapped vocals, while ‘Stand Still’ dives headfirst into smooth, modern soul that is pierced by flourishes of contemporary, and closing track ‘Addiction’ takes a path of it’s own, striving towards emotive balladry while looking to maintain a focused melodic tone.

Available now on iTunes, ‘I Like Me’ is a bold introduction to Jamal’s sound, as well as an exciting precursor for his next EP, ‘Love Letter’ which is set for release this February.

Score: 7/10

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