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Review: J. Jamal – ‘Love Letter’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: J. Jamal – ‘Love Letter’

An artist who has been prominently featured on our website in the past, J. Jamal has been slowly building his repertoire and fanbase with a silky-smooth style that few artists know how to emulate. Starting with debut single ‘iLikeMe’, Jamal has gone back-to-back with impressive, RnB infused singles that has culminated in the release of his latest musical project, ‘Love Letter’.

The first part in an anthology of stories that Jamal plans to release on subsequent Valentine’s Days, ‘Love Letter’ is an adorable and heart-warming new single that promises big things for his EP of the same name. Telling the timeless tale of a young man who composes a lavish love letter to his lady love, the single is a hopeful story of a blossoming romance.

Adding a new dimension to Jamal’s colourful sound, the narrative-driven approach is a creates a more focused, melodic sound, allowing Jamal to create an impressive, textured sound. Ringing with passion and a relatable storyline, it’s hard not to fall for Jamal’s soul-inspired vocals and gospel-infused sound.

Paying homage to old school RnB, the new single is an impressive step forward that for Jamal, illustrating his progress as both a musician and a songwriter. Perhaps his most accomplished single to date, ‘Love Letter’ is a stunning glimpse into the full EP, which is streaming now on Spotify.

Score: 8/10

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