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Review: Jackson Nuzzaci – ‘Perplexed Fantasy’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Jackson Nuzzaci – ‘Perplexed Fantasy’

Part of the infamous turned famous RoverBoyz group, Jack Nuzzaci is a young talent with a bright future. At just twenty years of age, he’s already become a champion of innovative sounds, pushing his rapping and singing in seemingly limitless new directions to create a future sound in every sense of the word. With a variety of styles to his name, and with his talents already proven through his previous EP and a string of single, Jackson is now looking to expand his reach and carve out a legacy of his own.

A five-track EP of original recordings (six if you include the Soundcloud bonus track), ‘Perplexed Fantasy’ arrives as an evolving mix that looks deep into the interwoven dreams of fantasy and reality. Produced by fellow RoverBoy LALO, who we’ve featured extensively in the past, the new EP is a glistening and brilliantly alternative take on classic hip-hop, offering up an enduring medley of restless beats, self-aware lyrics, and forceful delivery.

Opening number ‘Confused’ rallies around a sharp volley of deep, rolling bass tones that lay the foundation for Jackson’s vocals and home-truths. Second track ‘Blue Collar Dollar’ takes a more complex approach to Jackson’s chosen genre, infusing his beats with an intricate shifting melody that builds depth within the central narrative, while following number ‘Empty Mind’ blends street style with more minimalist sounds, creating a building wall of sound that holds you tethered to the central melody.

Fourth cut ‘Life Is A Bitch’ echoes with a heavy vein of truth, ruminating on life’s harder times and bringing back that contrast between fantasy and reality, before final track ‘I Am Not Lit’ arrives to deliver an erratic and subtly nuanced closing number.

For Soundcloud fans, there is a surprise entry to the EP with bonus track ‘Spookin’ surfacing as a rambling mix of conversations which quickly transitions into a raucous, Hard-hitting rap anthem. It’s a blitzkrieg bonus, one that sparks from a single ignition and ends the EP on a definitive high.

A polished and diverse addition to the Roverboyz growing legacy, there are enough classic sounds to make the EP a favourable release for hardcore rap fans, as well as enough originality to impress more contemporary listeners.

'Perplexed Fantasy' is available now on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Score: 7.5/10

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