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Review: James K Ultra – ‘New Solution’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: James K Ultra – ‘New Solution’

A man of many talents, James K Ultra has been carving a path through his home state of Virginia since the early 2000’s. A full time hairstylist and the unapologetic frontman of post-punk collective Pain In The Yeahs, James is an artist with a inherent desire to experiment and create.

After spending the early years of his career in a series of hardcore punk bands, James soon began to forge a unique sound of his own. Taking lead from the maelstrom of different genres and sounds that James has encountered over the past few decades, he has built a sound that combines his blossoming interests in synthesisers, drum machines, and home recording. While Pain In The Yeahs remains his constant, close knit musical family, James’ creative whims have proven impossible to restrain, and with the release of ‘New Solution’, he’s taken his first bold steps into a solo career.

A track that arrives with a distinct DIY edge, ‘New Solution’ is an anthem built from creative passion. It’s a track with different direction, difference tone, and far more experimental sound that any of James’ work with Pain In The Yeahs, making it a wonderfully vibrant and refreshing experience.

A rolling, labyrinthine post-punk experience, ‘New Solution’ is instantly relatable to the work of Public Image Ltd, Wire, Joy Division, and even the more divisive sounds of Calgary’s own Preoccupations. It’s a focused onslaught of crafted sound, one that pushes the experimental edge without being entirely alienating, and one that carves a distinct and exciting path for James’ solo career.

‘New Solution’ is available now from James K Ultra’s BandCamp page for just $1.

Score: 7/10

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