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Review: Jarra – ‘Nothing New’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Jarra – ‘Nothing New’

Formed in 2018 from an unwavering passion for music, Jarra first began writing and performing their own tunes throughout the year, refining their sound and laying the foundation for a titanic career to come. A four-piece from around the Derbyshire area, Jarra is the combined sounds and talents of Ella Page, Tom Pearce, Will Monk, Joe Hornsby, four aspiring musicians with a knack for creating their own unique shade of indie rock.

After spending most of 2019 playing gigs around their local area, the band are finally ready to release their debut single, ‘Nothing New’, a visceral indie cut that is sure to put them on the musical map. With a confident and immediate sound that is wrapped in nostalgic indie vibes, ‘Nothing New’ arrives on a distinct and wonderfully layered stream of guitar chords. It’s a wonderfully impressive opening that lays the foundation for Ella’s soaring vocals, creating a cohesive and old school sound that is easily comparable to bands like The Smiths and The Cranberries.

Packed with a vibrant, modern energy and building instrumentals that continuously push the song forward, there is magic within the single that is impossible to ignore. A rolling overlay of heavy bass catches your focus, weaving itself around thunderous drums and shining through the breakdown, building a constant sense of excitement that bursts through your speakers with confidence and unyielding skill.

A shining example of retro indie brought into the modern age, ‘Nothing New’ shines a perfect spotlight on Jarra’s sound, introducing them to the world in perfect fashion. An understated indie anthem that will undoubtedly set fire to airwaves throughout the UK, ‘Nothing New’ is bold and absolutely brilliant to hear.

Stream the new single today on Spotify above, on Apple Music, Amazon Music, or YouTube.

Score: 8.5/10

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