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Review: Jas Frank & the Intoits – 'The Girl from Cherry Valley'

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Jas Frank & the Intoits – 'The Girl from Cherry Valley'

With a direct, intuitive sound, Jas Frank & The Intoits have announced themselves as a unique talent. A band with a focus on creating catchy and thought provoking music, they’ve taken influences from their homeland of Croatia and seamlessly blended them with more international sounds from a range of eras.

With the release of their debut album, ‘The Girl from Cherry Valley’, Jas Frank & the Intoits have set themselves the tasks of tearing down the walls of musical clichés, exploring different creative ideas, and setting the bar higher than ever before. It’s an ambitious set of goals, and with the release of the album now upon, it’s time to see how the band fared.

Combining avant-garde, experimental rock with a unique songwriting style, ‘The Girl from Cherry Valley’ unfolds as a diverse and musically eclectic release. It’s a ten-track collection that changes with nearly every song, building a constantly evolving world that becomes completely entrancing. Songs like ‘When the Rain Stops’ and ‘In a Hole’ deliver a heavy, rock-infused edge, loading the scene with visceral guitar riffs and an unrelenting passion that mark to definitive highs in the album. Opening track ‘High in Space’ also marks a near-perfect introduction to the album, building with an almost melancholic dance track, that makes the start of the album all about anticipation and setting the stage.

‘Human Animal’, ‘So Far Away’, and ‘Virtual Friends’ take this anticipation and brings it all crashing down with some massive vocals and instrumentation. The three tracks all move with their own sense of style, bringing about colourful, pop anthems, smooth melodies, and an almost punk aesthetic into the mix. ‘All the Highs, All The Lows’, one of the standout singles that comes with its own music video (see below) is one of the album’s more striking moments of genuine personal intimacy. It’s self-reflective in its lyrics and presents such a delicate atmosphere that it’s virtually impossible to not be moved by the poetic nature of it all.

Just as the album seems to build a head of steam and roll forward, the band take a step back with ‘In Early Mornings’, a soft, thoughtful track that acts as an escape from the wild energy of the album. It’s not the only escape that the album offers, nor is it the most personal or intimate track on the album, with ‘When the Rain Stops’ arriving on the back of a superb set of vocals from Jas herself. It’s the vocals that make the piece, bringing emotion, fragility, and a wonderful contrast to the earlier tracks. It’s one of those standout moments that really makes you reflect upon the album and the diverse nature of the band’s sound.

The title track brings the album to a definitive end, boasting a familiarity that has grown over the past nine tracks. It’s a song that you can really lose yourself in, one that feels all so similar, and yet it flows with its own detailed rhythm and sound. It’s an end that leaves you feeling both content and bereft, wanting more and yet knowing that the album has reached its natural, poignant end.

You can stream the full album via Spotify above, or head over to iTunes to grab your own digital download.

Score: 9/10

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