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Review: Jason Bembry – ‘When You Fall EP’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Jason Bembry – ‘When You Fall EP’

A twenty-two-year-old singer, songwriter, and classically trained pianist, Jason Bembry spent his senior studying piano performance at New York University, refining his sound and readying his music career. Originally from Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Bembry has gone on to win multiple competitions and perform in many prestigious venues across the US, including Merkin Concert Hall and Carnegie Hall. Now, Bembry is taking his music to the mainstream, releasing his six-track ‘When You Fall’ EP onto the world.

A man with a unique approach to music, Bembry’s creative approach is on fine show in the EP, bringing together a sweeping wave of pop-infused songs, piano-led ambiences, and almost unparalleled artist expressions.

Opening with ‘A Walk Inside’, the EP expands across an orchestral plane of gentle, questioning lyrics and fleeting piano notes. It’s a song of unassuming tactility and wandering melody, fading in and out of your subconscious with a unique ethereal sound. It’s a stunning introduction to Bembry’s untamed sound, one that draws the listener in and perfectly sets up the title track.

A little more confident in its compositions, the title track holds to a far more distinct and immediate sound. Far more pop-inspired, the song maintains its emotional connection through Bembry’s vocals. They’re soulful, passionate and completely at ease within the music, joining together to make a song if impressive energy. The more upbeat sounds don’t last long however, and as ‘We Stay’ comes into view, the gentle, jazz-influenced balladry returns. Evolving into a fascinating and passionate piece of writing, ‘We Stay’ rises from a slow burning cut into quite possibly, the finest moment on the release.

Bringing back the optimistic flair, ‘Safe’ shines down upon the listener with hopeful, poetic lyrics and a growing melody that sticks in your heart and mind. It’s a vaguely narrative driven piece that looks to connect with the soul of the listener, offering comforting tones and a safe space in which you can build your own reality. ‘No Sleep’ follows this vein, bringing in a folk-rock fullness that contrasts the most ambient tones of the EP’s opening anthems. It’s a track that feels more organically built, as if Bembry wrote it on the fly. Everything in the track is instinctive, immediate, and passionate, a completely refreshing sound.

It’s the final track on the EP that brings, perhaps, the most notably revealing display of love and vulnerability. ‘Walls’ is a song that sees Bembry baring his soul completely and bringing a newfound delicacy to his sound. It’s an emotive, wonderfully raw way to end the release, and it creates a beautiful, lasting impression when the final notes of ‘Walls’ finally fade out into the abyss.

It’s hard to really capture all that lies within Bembry’s EP. It’s clearly a very personal release, one in which the artist looks to share and relate with every listener in clear and unadulterated honesty. It’s wonderfully presented, brilliantly built, and fairly incomparable in style, making it something brilliant to behold.

Score: 9/10

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