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Review: Jesse Gray – ‘Devil in Me’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Jesse Gray – ‘Devil in Me’

Ever since elementary school, Jesse Gray has made music his priority. A prolific talent, Jesse has been perpetually writing since he first picked up the guitar, refining his talents and building his passion throughout the years. A musical 'lone wolf' when it comes to his creative endeavours, Jesse’s solo endeavours rose from the ashes of several unsuccessful bands, building in his independent streak and learning to become a fully self-sufficient artist.

Following a final, unavailing attempt at forming a band in 2019, Jesse decided to officially start his career as a solo musician, breaking away from his local scene and going back to basics, redeveloping his sound and pushing his creative style. His debut solo single, ‘Devil In Me’ was released in August this year, released online to acclaim from fans and critics alike. It was a song that was noticed almost immediately, earning regular air time on local radio stations and becoming the first light of success.

Reminiscent of the raw rock ‘n’ rolls sounds of the ’60s and ’70s, ‘Devil in Me’ is a contemporary rock classic that shines with textured hints of timeless blues and modern garage rock. Arriving as a rough and ready rock cut, ‘Devil In Me’ has a rustic, hard rock edge that screams with an instant sense of anthemics. Built on a relentless stream of percussion and howling electric guitar, Jesse’s vocals soar above it all, keeping that raw rock aesthetic while also adding weight and authenticity to the single.

Following a unique and perfectly placed breakdown that builds tension beautifully, the track is powerhouse single that announces Jesse’s solo career with power, passion, and proficiency. A cut above the usual, there is a textured DIY feel about Jesse’s single that emphasises its raw power unyielding style.

Available now on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play, ‘Devil in Me’ is essential new listening.

Score: 8.5/10

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