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Review: Jhaga – ‘Challenge’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Jhaga – ‘Challenge’

A rapper, singer, and songwriter from South San Francisco, California, Jhaga is best known for his dynamic and unpredictable rap style. Combining the gritty reality of his own personal experiences with classic hip-hop sounds and a distinct, modern energy, Jhaga’s sound is frequently seen as the latest evolution in hip-hop culture, expanding the genre’s sound into a more constructive yet honest and reflective direction.

Looking to empower his listeners and help them in their daily struggles, Jhaga’s sound reflects his own personal hardships, rising from homelessness and overcoming every odd stacked against him. Claiming lineage of the Jaguar Line of Oombunqtwu, Jhaga has built his life on the principles of loyalty, honesty, discipline, balance, perseverance and stamina, bringing these elements into the music he makes, standing tall for what he believes in.

Recently, Jhaga has chosen to show himself in order to help affect a change, shining a spotlight on his aims to restore balance to the environment through a shift of priority and lifestyle, to empower people, especially the oppressed peoples, to unite and take a place of respect in society and to revive the culture and traditional wisdom of our ancestors, bringing it to the fore to work alongside and guide modern innovation.

With these elements firmly in mind, Jhaga’s ‘Challenge’ arrives as a defiant call for change, bringing together seven original tracks of distinct character. Cutting an instantly impressive line, the album opens with ‘Tea Leaves’, a rapid-fire, bar spitting introduction to Jhaga’s sound. Built around a dynamic central hook, it’s a cascade of harmonies and dense melody, sparking with an authentic touch that will have you shaken to the core.

Backed by more diverse sounds, the album carries forward with tracks like the authentic, heavy-handed ‘Slapadelic’, the essential, soulful nature of ‘Simple Things’, and the blissfully anthemic ‘Crazy’. They’re all songs that ring with a fascinating and wonderfully authentic nature, built on Jhaga’s good intentions and impressive skillset, and emerging from the silence as a powerful and unflinching release.

A confident stream of singles, Jhaga drops nothing but serious bars in ‘Challenge’, pushing his aims to the forefront of his sound and making sure the spotlight shines firmly on them. Political, powerful, and wonderfully entertaining, ‘Challenge’ ticks all the major boxes in its run, making it an absolute joy to hear.

Score: 7.5/10

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