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Review: Jo Potter – ‘Tonight’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Jo Potter – ‘Tonight’

An eclectic singer-songwriter with a penchant for blending emotive rock, pop and soul into universal and wonderfully relatable music, Jo Potter has been proving her talents in the music industry for years now. A distinguished talent who first came to our attention back in 2017 with the release of her album, ‘Saved’, Jo has worked hard to become an essential modern artist. To our delight, 2019 has brought with it Jo’s return, with the singer ushering in a bold new chapter in her career with the release of ‘Tonight’, a textured thirteen-track release that is built to impress.

Arriving with an instant and seamless blend of pop and rock, ‘Tonight’ opens with an immediately addictive hook and unapologetic passion. A memorable and wonderfully enchanting opener, the title track contrasts pop energy and rock anthemics to create an enticing and brilliantly illustrative example of Jo’s talents. Second cut, ‘Over and Done’ pushes the instrumentals hard, offering a grittier sound that Jo’s vocals revel in, bringing a sense of enjoyable nostalgia to the fore. It’s heavier than he previous work but absolutely stunning to hear, setting the stage for one of the most consistent and impressive pop albums of the year.

Studded with hints of Americana and contemporary folk, there is a timeless, almost rustic charm in tracks such as ‘Goodbye’, ‘Everything’, and ‘You’re Amazing’, constantly showcasing an accomplished songwriting ability and stunning vocals talents. Elsewhere on the album, Jo takes a step back, returning to her roots and simpler, more evocative musical tricks, with ‘For You (Seraphina’s Lullaby) and ‘No Apology’ bringing a more intimate and reflective sound to the fore.

A solid, and wonderfully enjoyable album, ‘Tonight’ is an essential new release for fans of timeless, vocal-driven pieces that spark with real human emotion. Glistening with emotional depth, but with enough vibrant pop hooks to keep you entertained, it’s a stunning balance of sounds that will have you enthralled for years to come.

You can find ‘Tonight’ available now on CD Baby.

Score: 8/10

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