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Review: Joseph Hewitt – ‘In My Bed Tonight’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Joseph Hewitt – ‘In My Bed Tonight’

An intriguing new single, ‘In My Bed Tonight’ has a wonderfully inventive origin. Written and performed by a fictional character, the single fits neatly into the creative world of Anni Pea’s new book, ‘Driven By Lust’. Anni herself, an author and lyricist, has spent the last two years producing music and collaborating with a diverse range of talented, international artists, and with the release of her new book, she has decided to use her skills to add a layer of reality to an otherwise fictional account.

While credited to Joseph Hewitt, whose story is told with an involving chapter of the book, the technical credits for the song below to a list of talented musicians and producers, with music by Andrej Lazarevic, vocals by Paul Christopher, and lyrics by Anni herself.

Inspired by The Spencer Lee Band’s own track, ‘The Wolf', which some might recognise from the soundtrack to the ‘Fifty Shades Freed’, ‘In My Bed Tonight’ is a solid, lust-filled track that rings with a faint country twang and an undeniable electric twist. Built around a simple, central melody and a relentless guitar hook, the song carves an uninterrupted path through a stock-standard rock sound. The guest vocals from Paul Christopher add a wonderful sense of excitement, capturing that sense of passionate wanting that are so evident in the lyrics.

Well produced and hard to fault, ‘In My Bed Tonight’ works both as a standalone track and a companion to the book, making it more versatile than most songs. It’s more than just a marketing gimmick or an attempt to add another dimension to the next piece of literary erotica, it’s a piece of strong and well made music that has us doing something we never thought we would, hoping a fictional character can send us a few more hits.

Anni Pea’s ‘Driven By Lust’, the original novel that Joseph Hewitt belongs to is available now on Amazon.

Score: 8/10

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