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Review: Juhan Ongbrian – ‘Mood Swings’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Juhan Ongbrian – ‘Mood Swings’

One of Los Angeles’ rising musical talents, Juhan Ongbrian has been building a versatile, jazz-infused sound for years now, mixing timeless, emotive sounds with a contemporary and wonderfully evocative energy. In his latest outing, Juhan has joined forces with the wildly talents Sly Chong and Ech0 to create five unique tracks that have been neatly packaged into the nostalgia-driven ‘Mood Swings’ EP.

A self-reflective release, each of the tracks on ‘Mood Swings’ has it’s own unique flow and style, echoing times in Juhan’s life that have created indelible marks upon him. Opening with the title track, the EP lurches into life with a disruptive melody, swinging back and forth and threading distinctly separate vibes into one colourful thread. A track inspired by a good friend once telling Juhan that he suffered from mood swings, it’s a wonderfully inspired piece that brings added depth through its meaning.

Second cut ‘Wooza’ stands strong as a solitary track in both style and spirit, offering a short, guitar-laden piece that pushes through the indecisiveness of its predecessor, clearing a path for more to come. On ‘Moving On’, Jahun looks to the future and reminds himself to move on from old things that were pulling him back, and through the darker bass tones and more spacious arrangements, you can find a sense of release.

Fourth track ‘Limelight’ acts as an electronic drive intermission for the EP, pushing the listener through to the final cleansing sounds of ‘Morten’. An experimental piece that acts as the culmination of all previous tracks, ‘Morten’ is a fitting end to a mesmerising release.

Far more complex and reflective than first listens might suggest, there is purpose stitched into the heart of each track, ensuring that the EP has a deeply personal feel. While not all listeners will instantly connect with the EP, there are a some who will draw an unbreakable connection with the five-tracks, and many more that will find it after a little soul-searching.

Score: 8/10

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