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Review: Julian Versace – ‘Jenny’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Julian Versace – ‘Jenny’

A native of Parkland, Florida, Julian Versace is something of a musical enigma, offering only the barest of details about his past. Inspired by Drake and most frequently, and one would have to assume favourably, compared to Zayn Malik, he has been slowly but surely carving his own path through the music scene with a string of vibrant singles.

With momentum building on his Spotify and Soundcloud accounts, Julian has been enjoying a steep rise in streams and followers, a rise that can be attributed to his unwavering determination and seemingly limitless creativity. His latest single, ‘Jenny’ is a bold new track that was released only recently, arriving as a hybrid between digital flourishes, RnB beats, and heavy-autotuned vocals.

A smooth and sultry track, ‘Jenny’ spirals with a cascade of electronic beats and light, flickering tones, breathing with a now traditional, alternative RnB air. It’s seamlessly built, offering mild thrills and a deep melodic edge that rolls with Julian’s polished vocals and a simple, lingering sound that resists change and diversity.

With a solid, radio-friendly sound, it’s hard to find fault or excitement in the glossy, contemporary sounds of ‘Jenny’. It flows with a safe sound that holds true to a well-formulated sound, offering a distinct sense of familiarity, even on the first listen. Accomplished though it might be, there is light original about it, besides the inclusion of some intriguing digital sparks.

It’s clear that Julian knows how to write a hit, taking leading from Drake and The Weeknd with a confident and homogenous sound that could easily sit among their own back-catalogues.

It’s both a compliment and a drawback, and impressive though it might be, you would struggle to call ‘Jenny’ entirely memorable.

You can stream the new single for yourself on Spotify above, along with every other major platform.

Score: 6.5/10

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