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Review: K.E.I.S. – ‘Get What You Give’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: K.E.I.S. – ‘Get What You Give’

Inspired by the vibrant and varied sounds of the 80’s, K.E.I.S. is a hip-hop artist who has recently emerged from the underground scene. While his time on the main-stage might only be brief, K.E.I.S. (Kill Everything In Sight) has been writing, recording, and refining his sound for over six years now. With a penchant for producing narrative driven tracks that culminate in a deft and inspired point, his work has only recently been released into the public eye, making him one of the most promising talents around.

Titled ‘Get What You Give’, the new track is a jangling, beat-heavy anthem that boasts modern production atop a wave of nostalgic hip-hop vibes. It’s a track with an effortless flow through the central chorus and refrain, bringing to life a blossoming mantra that holds focus across the track. It’s a highlight in the track that overcomes some stumbles in the main verse and an intriguing fade out at the end of the piece.

Not perfect, but defiantly bold and impressive, ‘Get What You Give’ is modern, polished, and a worthy introduction to K.E.I.S and his sound. It’s a track that shows promise, while also standing strong on it’s own merits, which is something of a rare achievement these days.

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Score: 7/10

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