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Review: Kaijin Solo – ‘Chill Doubt’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Kaijin Solo – ‘Chill Doubt’

A contemporary singer-songwriter from New South Wales, Kaijin Solo’s textured blues sound has coloured the streets of the Central Coast for years now, working both as a solo artist and deft collaborative force. After making his mark on the local open mic circuit, playing original songs with a host of different people, Kaijin took the bold step of putting his bold ideas to tape, laying down a series of heartfelt lyrics backed by a solid rock soundscape.

Bringing his heavy rock background to the fore, Kaijin’s latest release is the four-track EP, ‘Chill Doubt’, a strong introduction to his sound and the first in the ‘Kaijin and Friends’ series. Collaborating on this occasion with Mark Cashin and Jake Hunt from The Little Hussies, and recorded at Damien Gerard Studios, the EP brings together four original pieces that were shaped throughout the recording process.

With each song flowing with its own distinct character, the four tracks offering a clear and unadulterated look at Kaijin’s talents. Beginning with a soft, melodic stream of acoustic guitar chords, the EP begins with ‘Into the Dream’, a track that was written the morning after a Ryan Adams concert when Kaijin was in a particularly reflective mood. A song about the unstoppable progression of time and how much things change, it’s a sombre guitar-driven piece that flows with Kaijin’s rustic vocals and heartfelt lyrics. There is a touch of Rodriguez about the opening track, with a deep-running melody that casts a shadow over some wonderful heartfelt lyrics.

Second cut ‘The Republic’ rallies around a driving drum beat that is soon met by a heavy set of guitar riffs and Kaijin’s vocals, creating visceral, textured sounds that soar with every chorus. It’s a classic slice of politically motivated rock in the same vein as Springsteen, bringing new energy to the EP as a whole. The final two cuts of ‘Spirit On The Wind’ and ‘Like Sunshine’ continue the trend of impressive guitar work and focused authentic character.

Despite its brevity, t's hard to fault the record as it stands. Bringing nostalgic, old school rock back into the spotlight, and doing it with charm and passion is a feat work celebrating, and ‘Chill Doubt’ is definitely worth celebrating.

You can stream ‘Chill Doubt’ in full on Spotify, HearNow, and Soundcloud today, and grab your very own copy through CD Baby and Amazon Music.

Score: 8/10

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