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Review: Katmariexx – ‘Fire’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Katmariexx – ‘Fire’

Raised in the heart of San Diego, Katmariexx, A.K.A. Kathryn Marie first began working with her co-collaborator Joe Crotty in the eighth grade, swapping stories, poetry and moments from their day-to-day lives. It was a partnership that would blossom over the course of two decades, and now, under her distinct moniker, ‘Fire’ has surfaced as a fearsome pop anthem.

With Katmariexx acting as the talented singer who created the lyrics and melodies, Joe Crotty composed the beats, bringing his talents to ‘Fire’ in brilliant form. Unique as it was created entirely via email, ‘Fire’ has a vibrant and wonderfully authentic DIY appeal, evident in aspects of its creation, such as vocals that were recorded in a bathroom to best capture that perfect lo-fi sound.

Pairing elements of dance, indie, soaring pop, ‘Fire’ is all about the chemistry the lies between two people. A universal anthem for meeting someone and knowing you two will share great intimacy from the get-go, the song was purposefully written without pronouns to add inclusivity to all couples. An unapologetic ode to passion, the lyrics are crafted to reflect fiery exchanges and steamy hook ups that become so much more, delivering passionate lines like “Yeah, I can tell we’re going to be on fire tonight” and “Kiss me hard / Let me overdose”.

From the very beginning, ‘Fire’ is both musically and lyrically engaging, bringing together an ethereal sense of ambiance with a clear and emotional drive. Contrasting beautiful pop melodies with diverse instrumentation and a vocal performance that gets more passionate and confident with each line, ‘Fire’ sets many genres ablaze, tracking elements of both modern and wonderfully nostalgic styles.

As an introduction to both artists, but particularly Katmariexx, ‘Fire’ hits you hard and never let’s go, impressing listeners with its carefully crafted sounds, while also leaving you desperate to hear more. What’s more, the two artists are selflessly donating 15% of all song purchases from iTunes and Amazon to Music Education programs for the youth, meaning it’s a heartfelt party anthem that you can enjoy and feel good about.

Grab your copy now via Amazon Music or iTunes, or you can stream the song on YouTube, or via SoundCloud above.

Score: 8.5/10

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