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Review: Keido Bond – ‘Impact’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Keido Bond – ‘Impact’

“It’s all about making an ‘Impact’ on the music scene and establishing myself as an artist living with Bipolar Disorder. In fact, it is the first time I have openly admitted about my struggles with the highs and lows of my condition and whilst it was quite challenging emotionally, I hope it can help others around the world who can relate to my experiences.”

Those were the words that newcomer Keido Bond used to introduce his debut anthem ‘Impact’, and they’re the words that really stick in your mind when first listening to the single. An artist and rapper who has been making waves for his activism and ability to seamlessly blend hip-hop and alt. pop, Keido Bond has become one of the mostly hotly anticipated artists around our offices, and his debut single proves exactly why.

Arriving within a pure frame of absolute authenticity, ‘Impact’ is a track made by its personal touches. Running through a series of ambient, blossoming grooves and progressive, lingering beats, the track perfectly reflects the inner turmoil that Keido has faced over the years. It’s a song of captivating hooks and beautiful composition that’s driven forward by Keido’s flow and unshakeable passion.

Built on a contrast between raw honesty and polished production, ‘Impact’ ties together the tone of the instrumentation with the emotive nature of the lyrics to create a song of real magnitude. Arriving alongside the official music video which was direction by Eric Myers and produced by Mediaworx, everything flows together to create a true and unwavering vision.

It’s an incredible debut that really stands for something, offering not only a taste of Keido’s talents, but also a look into the inner workings of his creative process. A track we’ll have on repeat for a while to come, ‘Impact’ is here to stay.

Score: 8.5/10

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