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Review: Keren Botaro – ‘Again’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Keren Botaro – ‘Again’

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Keren Botaro’s soulful voice has been heard on album every continent. After joining a well-known sixteen-piece, Keren has gone on to perform alongside musical legends like Elton John and the late George Michael, conquering Europe with a two-year tour, and creating her very own musical legacy. After moving to the US, her talents have led her to open the likes of Alicia Keys, Melissa Etheridge, and Pat Benatar, and now, with the release of her new EP, ‘Again’, Keren has launched herself once more into the spotlight.

A four-track release ‘Again’ brings with it a resurgence of 60’s sounds right from the start, album opener ‘Fire’ ignites the airwaves with electric guitar, soulful vocals, and a chorus that immediately makes you think of Arthur Brown’s psychedelic rock epic of the same name. Keren’s song however brings about a far more emotive quality, trading Brown’s wails and eccentric flourishes for her own passionate soul-infused style.

Following track ‘Free Bird’ is a more delicate, wonderfully evocative piece, slowing the tempo and letting Keren’s vocals really take the focus. Backed by linger guitar chords and subdued percussion that slowly builds to match the impact of Keren’s lyrics, it’s a song that holds within it a true sense of wonder. The tempo rand energy rises again in ‘Drops in The Rain’, a song that rallies around an almost jazz-like energy, before it all comes to a slow, vulnerable finish with the title track.

It’s easy to see how Keren came to perform alongside some of music past and present greats. Her vocals are the centrepiece that ‘Again’ is built around, and there couldn’t be a better a focal point. Musically, the compositions mirror the timber and character of her sound, creating a full aural experience that you can easily fall for.

Score: 9/10

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