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Review: Kid Fre$h – ‘BAG SZN’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Kid Fre$h – ‘BAG SZN’

A Texas-based rapper and songwriter, Kid Fre$h has stormed onto the music scene, utilising his ability to transform real-life experiences into stylised songs that not only tell a story, but also shine with his creative approach to music. Bringing a multicultural blend to contemporary hip-hop, his tracks typically flow with deep, rolling basslines that contrast his effortless flow of lyrics and keen sense of melody.

One of his most visionary projects so far is ‘BAG SZN’, a new six-track EP that brings a keen sense of artistry with it. Captivating on several levels, the EP is proof that Kid Fre$h is unafraid to experiment and knows just how to back himself. Bringing the high energy and vibrant grooves that you can easily lose yourself, along with the more emotionally charged and escapist sounds, there’s a keen balance between classic hip-hop spirit and modern hip-hop sounds.

Musically, the EP is defiantly fresh, bringing colour and vibrancy back to the music while managing to maintain an honest sense of grit. Throughout songs like the title track, ‘Cash’, and ‘Power’, Kid Fre$h’s performance are inescapably good, bringing a confidence and sense of authenticity that just carries them perfectly.

As far as independent hip-hop releases go, Kid Fre$h has definitely brought something new and impressive to the mix. He’s managed to refine his sound and bring his own style to a classic genre, meaning there’s a little something for everyone when it comes to ‘BAG SZN’.

Score: 8.5/10

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