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Review: Knarly Jones – ‘Redemption’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Knarly Jones – ‘Redemption’

A Detroit-based EDM producer newly returned to the music scene, Knarly Jones has returned to form after taking a creative hiatus to study mathematics and physics. Returning with new energy and a reinvigorated sound, the talented producer is set to take back the EDM scene with a new series of cuts. Starting with last month’s ‘Atonement’, Knarly has set himself the mission of releasing four original cuts this Summer, and with the recent release of new single ‘Redemption’, he’s already halfway to success.

Combining cinematic scoring elements with a classic electro-house feel and unrelenting heavy drops, ‘Redemption’ is a visceral new sound for 2019. Living up to his name, Knarly’s new single is all about that raw, authentic energy, bringing to the fore a rapid, irresistible sound that eclipses everything else. It’s a classic electronic hit that is so easy to lose yourself in, and the first few listens passes by in a blur of excitement and anticipation, with your body constantly caught on the edge, bristling with anticipation for that next heavy drop.

It’s not until the third or fourth listen that the more subtle, nuanced touches started to really reveal themselves, with the frantic energy giving way and letting you appreciate the more cinematic and polished elements of the track. Built to last, ‘Redemption’ is a layered cut that has more to offer than most, bringing a more mature and cultivated styling to one of the most multi-faceted genres around today.

More than just another EDM track, ‘Redemption’ is a battle cry for Knarly Jones that signifies his passion and commitment to his return, pushing his name and sound to the very forefront of the Detroit music scene.

You can stream ‘Redemption’ above via Soundcloud and be sure to check out Knarly’s official website and social pages below for all the latest news and releases.

Score: 8/10

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