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Review: Knowshun – ‘Dedicated (Remix)’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Knowshun – ‘Dedicated (Remix)’

Knowshun is a lyricist and producer from Chicago, IL who has been making his name known in recent years. A local emcee, producer, freestyle battler and a dedicated songwriter, Knowshun has become renowned in Chicago for his diverse arrangement of skills and abilities, and now with the release of his latest project, he’s pushing to become an international name.

More than just a mixtape, Knowshun’s latest project is self-described as a “Destruct-Shun Tape featuring battle rap like lyrics with punchlines, rhyme schemes, and lyricism at its finest”. Titled ‘Lyrical Fire Episode Two: Liquid Napalm’, it was written and performed entirely by Knowshun and produced by Credit Ninja B. It’s a massive release featuring ‘Dedicated (Remix)’, a fresh take on and original cut by MF Doom and MF Grimm.

Released alongside its official video, ‘Dedicated (Remix)’ is far more than just a cover version of the original cut. With visceral new lyrics and a revitalised sound, Knowshun has taken the dark tones and unyielding beats of the original and made them his own. Throwing out layer upon layer of authentic rap energy, Knowshun has built the song into a work of formidable art.

The video was based on a nightmare that Knowshun had the night before the shoot, and it’s a brilliant accompaniment to the dark overtones of the track itself. Exploring dark themes of purgatory, a spirit in limbo and battling against dark forces, the clip is filled with gripping imagery of shadowy figures that heighten the impact of the track.

A heavy introduction to those not yet acquainted with Knowshun, ‘Dedicated (Remix)’ is out now as part of ‘Lyrical Fire Episode Two: Liquid Napalm’.

Score: 7.5/10

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