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Review: Kype – ‘I Just Feel Alive Again’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Kype – ‘I Just Feel Alive Again’

An impressive solo talent, Kype has carefully crafted his sound over the course of six exciting years, combining a classic Atlantic sound with his own pop and hip-hop tendencies. An artist who strives to free himself of the typical genre labels, Kype first found his sound in the hip-hop duo, Authority Giants’, a creative two-piece that carved up the Atlantic music scene for about three years.

With the demise of the duo, Kype found himself in a new creative space, free to experiment and mix new sounds in a way he had never thought of before. Now in complete control of his music, Kype has entered a modern renaissance, re-defining his sound and growing his talents in mixing, mastering, and songwriting.

His latest, and arguably most impressive single to date, ‘I Just Feel Alive Again’ is a light, electronic-infused new cut that sees Kype layering his own distorted vocals over a transient flow of light, melodic tones. A quick-fire cut, ‘I Just Feel Alive Again’ puts the focus firmly on Kype’s vocals, shining a focused light on his relentless flow and the exposed digital edges. An overwhelming cascade of versatile lyrics, Kype vocals are powerful and well-presented, kicking aside the backing instrumentals in a tour de force performance that impressive, but also knocks the track off-kilter.

It takes a few careful listens to really find the melody that lies beneath Kype’s vocals, and while the more percussive beats manage to break through the barrage of, it’s the subtle, synth tones that struggle to make themselves heard, surfacing only occasionally throughout the track before being stopped in their tracks by the sudden end of the piece.

A vibrant new track that is built upon a confident air and energetic vibe, ‘I Just Feel Alive Again’ is an impressive introduction for the uninitiated, showcasing Kype’s ability to infuse his tracks with both musical and emotive power.

Score: 7.5/10

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