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Review: La Sinclair – ‘Won’t Let Go’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: La Sinclair – ‘Won’t Let Go’

A California-based singer who spent her formative years in Acapulco, Mexico, La Sinclair grew up developing a sound representative of her upbringing. Embodying the style, sounds, and traditions of both cultures, Sinclair music is a joyous celebration of unity and creative power. Placing herself firmly at the forefront of both worlds, Sinclair has launched her career with an unstoppable new single, ‘Won’t Let Go’.

Layering sultry Latin grooves with deft contemporary pop, ‘Won’t Let Go’ sweeps into focus with a slow-burning and sultry vibe, cutting through the relentless noise of reality with a swift and wonderfully calculated sound. An illustrative example of how pop music is evolving, ‘Won’t Let Go’ roars with emotion and nuanced anthemics, creating a universally appealing pop song with real and unwavering depth.

Sung in both English and Spanish with an unwavering confidence, Sinclair shines in her pursuit of pop perfection, creating a powerful soundscape that quickly becomes impossible to deny.

A bold example of where international pop stands, ‘Won’t Let Go’ delivers on all its promises and shines with each glorious note, illustrating exactly how far the genre has come. Available now on all major platforms, along with its official music video above, ‘Won’t Let Go’ is the definition of essential listening.

Score: 8/10

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