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Review: Ladaryl – ‘Question Your Answers’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Ladaryl – ‘Question Your Answers’

One of Southeast Arkansas’ most determined new talents, Ladaryl has been refining and proving his skills for years now. A rapper, singer-songwriter, and hip-hop visionary, Ladaryl’s work has risen above the maelstrom of independent acts to become something more iconic, arriving as a deft combination of his hard work, natural talents, and diverse musical influences.

His latest release, ‘Question Your Answers’ is Ladaryl’s newest independent effort, bringing together twelve original songs and forty minutes of contemporary hip-hop. Featuring the talents of RIAA certified platinum producers Mantra and Dreamlife, the new album is a fierce showing of dense beats, lyrical brilliance, and an aggressive, demanding flow.

Opening cut ‘Bye American (Banned)’ kicks with a surprising immediacy, breaking through the initial seconds of silence with a vicious, politically driven track. It’s relentless, powerful, and absolutely fantastic to hear, contrasting Ladaryl’s hard-hitting words with a series of light, sparkling beats that eventually fades, leaving nothing but Ladaryl’s vocals to cut through the atmosphere. It’s one of the strongest and most involving introductions to an album this year, tipping the scale completely in Ladaryl’s favour and setting the dark narrative rolling.

Second cut ‘Back To Vegas’ turns down the aggression and builds a tongue-in-cheek pop sound that breaks upon Ladaryl’s lyrics, offering up another deft service of calculated hip-hop. Even just two tracks in, you know that Ladaryl’s album is something special, and by the time you’ve reached the end of closing number ‘Know Better’, you’ll be absolutely speechless, frozen in space for a moment letting the reflective tones wash over you, before slowly reaching to hit play again.

A magnificent showing of raw talent and musical skill, ‘Question Your Answers’ is a dynamic and shifting release that sways with power, passion, and brutal social commentary. A wild ride that entertains, informs and impresses, Ladaryl’s album promises to take him from relative obscurity to headlining talent.

Score: 9/10

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