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Review: LeVirya – ‘I’m Right Here’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: LeVirya – ‘I’m Right Here’

Hailing from Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Leon Permentier has quickly established himself as one of Europe’s leading Trip Hop artists. Under the moniker of LeVirya, Permentier has forged an expansive career in electronic music, building on his eighteen years of experience playing the guitar to build a series of intricate soundscapes.

By combining carefully curated samples with chilling guitar lines, Permentier’s songs are filled with contemplative melodies and dusty atmospheric beats that flow with the distinct essences of jazz and soul. With a talent for capturing different sceneries within his songs, the moods he captures within his music are as deep and diverse as the ever-changing skies. It’s with this foreword that we step forward into his new single, ‘I’m Right Here’, a deft, atmospheric track of real value.

Opening on to an orchestrated stream of beats, ‘I’m Right Here’ is a slow-building song that flows with an effortless ethereal quality. Serene and wonderfully smooth, it’s a track that reflects Permentier’s approach to songwriting perfectly, seamlessly fusing various genres into an evolving instrumental piece.

A track of subtle splendour, Permentier’s single demonstrates a clear inspiration from nature, growing around an organic framework that is free flowing and wonderful to lose yourself in. Like a long amble in a hidden forest, ‘I’m Right Here’ hold a sense of wonder within it, making it a fantastic track to experience.

‘I’m Right Here’ is available now on all major platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Score: 8.5/10

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