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Review: Lhu Wen Kai – ‘High School Musical Piano Medley’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Lhu Wen Kai – ‘High School Musical Piano Medley’

The mid-2000’s was an odd time for music. Rap music was on the rise, indie rock was struggling to rekindle the fire that had started years before, and the death of teen-pop had left a void that was naturally (and regretfully) filled by ‘High School Musical’. A divisive and at the time inescapable craze, ‘High School Musical’ left its mark on 2006 in a way that very few people could escape.

A musician who fell in love with the film over a decade ago was Lhu Wen Kai, a multimedia artist from Singapore. Now working as a graphic designer and filmmaker, Kai has always held a passion for music, releasing a number of projects throughout his growing career. Now, he’s proud to present his latest project, a piano medley of songs from ‘High School Musical’.

Developed as a tribute to the film and arranged to reflect the narrative arc of the film, ‘High School Musical Piano Medley’ is a near-fifteen-minute medley that will delight some and give others the thousand-yard stare.

Ignoring the subject matter and focussing purely on Kai’s performance, it’s easy to view him as a talented pianist that has a lot to offer. The medley is well composed, blending together the songs seamlessly, and his conversion of the tween-pop sounds to a purely piano composition is masterfully done. It’s a medley that’s hard to accurately review as you have to suspend your feelings towards the original musical (whether positive, or very, very negative) and base it purely on the artistry on show.

Score: 7.5/10

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