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Review: Liam Tedcastle – ‘Liam Tedcastle’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Liam Tedcastle – ‘Liam Tedcastle’

A singer-songwriter from Aberdeenshire in Scotland, Liam Tedcastle has spent the last year championing the release of his eponymous, debut EP. With the help of fellow musician Ally Campbell, Liam has been able to build and refine a stunning live performance, along with a talent for writing big guitar-driven tracks. A collaborative effort, their songs mix warm, acoustic sounds with a rough, rock edge, lending some electric drive and force to the heartfelt lyrics that swims through each melody.

A five-track affair, Liam’s self-titled EP presents itself as journey back to the days of classic guitar rock, when band’s like Oasis, Supergrass, and Feeder reigned supreme and a good hook meant everything. Opening with a line of soft acoustic strumming guitar that is overlaid with a series shimmering chords, ‘All Square’ sets the tone for the EP, capitalising on a deft acoustic rock sound and Liam’s calling, emotive vocals. Each chorus soars with a passionate refrain and wrapped up in a melody of their own making and tugging at the heartstrings with every note.

Rattling with a similar sound, but a rougher, live energy, ‘Bygone Catastrophe’ sets Liam’s sound in place, resounding with a stripped back sound and simple guitar-driven instrumentals. While a slightly underdone chorus leaves the song a little flat, there is something deeply captivating about its rustic charm. Third track ‘Jump’ is potentially the weakest on the album, arriving as a sweet, rolling melody that is fronted by vocals that ebb and flow with an awkward wail, pushing for deep and provoking, but not quite carrying it off. Final cuts ‘Quiet Life’ and ‘Last of the Bottle’ shine and falter with the same strengths and weaknesses, reaffirming early opinions and eventually defining Liam’s sound with a crystal clarity.

Rough though it might be, Liam’s debut EP is filled with shining moments of promise and potential, laying down a strong foundation from which he can build his sound. Musically, there is a simple, imperfect charm, and his lyrics obviously come from a place of honesty, lending a real authenticity and depth to each of the tracks. In the end, you might not be instantly swept away by the tracks or Liam’s occasionally faltering vocals, but you’ll definitely remember them for days to come.

The EP is available now on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.

Score: 7/10

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