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Review: Like Lions x PSA – ‘I Remember’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Like Lions x PSA – ‘I Remember’

The musical voice of Spokane native Patrick O'Neill, Like Lions, finished 2018 with a flurry of creativity, releasing sixteen new tracks that eventually became the stellar full-length album, ‘Music for Indie Films (Volume I)’. Born and raised in the northwest, O’Neill picked up the guitar at the young age of thirteen and was immediately drawn to songwriting. Never a stranger to creative control, he headed the writing efforts of 2000’s rock band Mylestone, in which he played the guitar and sang, and spent time in the early 2010s with Spokane math-rock band Cyrus Fell Down as a writer, lead singer, and guitarist.

Since returning from his hiatus and taking on the Like Lions moniker, Patrick has been an unstoppable force in music, and with plans to release an album later this year, he’s currently been entrancing us all with a string of new singles.

Spinning his unique brand of acoustic-based psycho-pop, the first glimpses we heard of the new album came in the form of ‘Older’ and ‘U Got Me’, two synth-heavy tracks that combined powerful 80’s sounds with layered hip-hop beats and textured acoustic guitar loops. Strong singles that showcased Patrick’s new creative energy, they took Spotify by storm and paved the way for his next great release, ‘I Remember’. A new collaboration with fellow Seattle-based artist Archie (A.K.A. PSA), the new single is a pop-tinged, acoustic-looping earworm that will have you enraptured for days.

Drawing on lessons learnt from years spent in the industry, and backed by an education in production and composition from the Berklee School of Music, ‘I Remember’ is a dreamy, nostalgic track that journeys into the heart of fading memories, capturing an emotive quality that is balanced perfectly by a wistful, almost hopeful feeling. Poetically named and lavishly composed, ‘I Remember’ is a seamless blend of acoustic charm and synth energy, combining the two normally opposing forces in a brilliantly subtle way to evoke powerful imagery and real musical character.

A rare joy in the current pop landscape, ‘I Remember’ is an impressive look into what we can expect from Patrick’s new album. A highly anticipated released that becomes more engaging with each single, the new record is set to be called ‘An Aging Millennial’, and will focus on youth, love, and loss, subjects that Patrick seems to know all so well.

Score: 8.5/10

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